Hi! We're Jon, Rachel, and Gary – the psychiatrist, writer, and pastor who worked together to bring you the articles in the NAD Mental Health Series. We're so glad you're taking the time to read this note, and we want to do everything we can to help you feel better.

Later on, we'll take turns writing these notes, and you'll get to hear some of our stories.

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4. Getting Help

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My favorite moments as a psychiatrist happen when someone I’ve just met trusts me enough to invite me alongside them. We walk through the most human parts of their lives—the gritty, messy, vulnerable, raw, triumphant, and terrifying chapters that no one else gets to read.

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5. Recovery Tools

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When I was a young pastor, my boss, Gary Rust, asked me to go jogging with him. Well, I was 15 years younger than he was, and in good shape, so I figured I’d be setting the pace. I showed up at the jogging track in sweats and tennis shoes, ready for a casual jog. Then Gary arrived, dressed like the serious runner he was.

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6. Brain Training

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When you hear a siren, what’s your first thought? Maybe an ambulance just wove around you on its way to the scene of an accident. Maybe a firetruck raced past on the highway below your apartment window. Whatever the source of the siren, your first thought was most likely something like “Oh no!!!” But...why is that our first thought?

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