Abuse Prevention

On this page we have compiled a list of resources pertaining to child and abuse prevention.

Child Abuse and Prevention

Sex Offenders and Predators

Predator at the Door - Child Predators (Video)


Additional Resources: Adventist Learning Community

  •  Sexual Abuse – Reclaiming Hope
    The purpose of the 6-module course is to explore multiple aspects of sexual abuse including awareness, prevention, recognition, protection, investigation, advocacy, responsibilities, organizational supports, healing, and structural approaches to stem the tide of unfortunate and criminal activities within the Seventh-day Adventist faith community. Unfortunately abuse, harassment, and misconduct happen. Much of this takes place with our most vulnerable faith community members, our children and young adults. As a church organization, we are taking a stand to stop sexual abuse. There are many things that can be done to limit or stop these types of incidents in your faith community. But the first step is talking about it. Earn 1 CEU.


The Seventh-day Adventist Church recognizes that abuse affects children, women, and men within the church and community. In response, the North American Division and Adventist Risk Management created the enditnow campaign to be launched in your church and community to help break the cycle of abuse.
Visit the enditnow website for more information.

Additional Resources: Adventist Learning Community

  • enditnow Presentation Resources
  • Addressing the Global Challenge of Preventing Child Abuse in Ministries
    Child abuse is happening all around us and even within our churches. As a church community we must train our members to spot abuse in order to protect children. 2014 Summit on Abuse 
  • Good Touch, Bad Secrets
    This video offers parents advice on how to form a relationship with their kids in which they feel safe enough to come to in case something happens to them.
  • How to Spot Abuse and Abusers
    Abuse is a prevalent issue in our society. This video covers several signs of abuse and domestic violence to help you learn how to spot them. 2014 Summit on Abuse.
  • NAD Abuse Summit Presentation - Resources 2017
  • enditnow - Session 1
    Child abuse and neglect is still a prominent issue in America and around the world. Learn how you can make a difference by creating awareness and identifying the warning signs.
  • enditnow - Session 2
    Bullying between minors is an increasingly common issue in our communities, churches, and schools. This abusive and destructive behavior is strongly impacting the lives of our children. It is the responsibility of our teachers, leaders, and church members to become more aware of the issues and be able to better help and intervene it harmful situations. Watch this video to become better informed on the topic of bullying and abuse amongst minors.
  • enditnow - Cumbre sobre el abuso