7. Staying Healthy

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When I started my recovery from anxiety and depression, I was sad and worried. I wasn’t even eating. For me, recovery meant challenging my negative beliefs, and getting the food and sleep I needed to heal.

Gary, my guide, was very patient. Sometimes I’d call him, stuck in my negative thoughts, and he’d help find a way out. Little by little, I got better at seeing alternatives on my own.

Then, driving to work one day, I saw the sun rising over the Columbia River. The whole sky was painted with luminous oranges and pinks, and Mt. Hood was lit up like a candle flame. Then it hit me. For months, I had driven over this bridge every day at dawn, but this was the first time I’d looked up. My mind was starting to heal.

That was five years ago, and even now, I don’t take sunrises for granted. I’m still learning to stay well, and some days, depression or anxiety get me down. But when that happens, I don’t feel as trapped as I once did. When I fall into a hole, I have a ladder with me.

I learned to listen to myself. And you can, too. Use this booklet to help identify what your body and mind need to stay well. And then strengthen those habits. Keep your “ladder” with you.