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Momentum Youth Bible Study Series

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You can now download our new Momentum Youth Bible Study guides covering our 28 fundamental beliefs in a new and refreshing way geared towards youth. Each PDF lesson can be filled out using most PDF readers on your computer or smartphone.

Download each individual Bible study on this page

Quickstart Prayer Guide for Generation Z

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It seems like such a simple request. It was a request made by the disciples to Jesus one day. They saw Him praying and were so impressed and impacted by His prayer that they wanted to learn to pray like Him. This guide will help you to connect with Him deeper and get more out of your time in prayer.

NOTE: The table of contents in this QuickStart guide is clickable which allows those who download it to go to whatever page they wish.

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AdventSource has been a strong partner to young adult ministry in conspicuously placing resources and services within easy access of church leadership at all levels. Robust online listings of young adult ministry resources, specialty catalogs, listserve services, inclusions in newsletters, speakers bureaus, event management, and resource development have been part of an enlarging array of tools available to support young adult ministry.

AdventSource also has various products for LOGOS Bible software that are listed here.

College and University Information

  1. SDA Universities –
    Find a complete list of all Seventh-day Adventist colleges and universities here. Features of each school are discussed in depth and reviews from current and past students are posted. Addresses and contact information for each school is also provided.
  2. Adventist Christian Fellowship –
    Adventist Christian Fellowship is a site for Seventh-day Adventist college students studying on secular campuses to meet and connect. Available resources include campus ministry forums, a list of current Adventist Fellowship groups, and instructions for starting a campus ministry on a secular college campus.

Youth Ministry and Evangelism

  1. General Conference Youth Dept. –
    Find a list of sermons, ministries, and global youth events for the General Conference’s youth ministries department. New features include devotionals, blogs, and online newsletters.
  2. North American Division Youth Ministries –
    You are already here! We oversee Youth, Pathfinders, Adventurers, Camping, Young Adults and Public Campus Ministry for the churches and schools of the North American Division. We mobilize large networks of empowered local leaders for each of these ministry disciplines.
  3. Center for Youth Evangelism –
    Based at Andrews University in Michigan, the Center for Youth Evangelism is an extensive youth ministry network offering a variety of evangelism opportunities for young people.
  4. Young Adult Life (YAL) –
    NAD Young Adult Ministries supports you in your efforts to reach, empower, and love young adults better in your community for Jesus. On this site you will find resources for young adult ministry that will help you lead a ministry focused on:
    1. OUTREACH: Becoming a friend to young adults inside and outside of your church
    2. RETENTION: Keeping young adults involved in the church and reclaiming young adults who are no longer attending church
    3. INTEGRATION: Acting as a mentor and providing young adults with a place to serve
    4. RELEASE: Helping young adults transition into leadership roles
  5. Living It High School
    Living it is sponsored by the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist church and is designed to reach the (approximately) 70% of Adventist youth that attend public schools. Even though this ministry is targeted towards public high school students the ideas and principals presented are also effective in reaching students attending Christian schools. And even though this ministry is sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist church, it is gospel oriented and thus is a great resource for Christians of all denominations.
  6. Involve Youth Ministries – Steve Case spearheads this organization geared at engaging and involving young people in ministry. This site offers excellent program ideas (free), materials for sale, mission trip links, training workshop information, and news posting of upcoming events.
  7. pdfQuickstart Prayer Guide for Generation Z – It seems like such a simple request. It was a request made by the disciples to Jesus one day. They saw Him praying and were so impressed and impacted by His prayer that they wanted to learn to pray like Him. This guide will help you to connect with Him deeper and get more out of your time in prayer.

Logos for Club Ministries and Youth Ministries

Club ministries and youth ministries logos can be located here.

Other Christian Resources

  1. Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students
    With the pressures facing most people today, it is essential to take your mental health seriously. This is especially true for college students and young people, whose lack of experience in the real world could lead to major mental health issues resulting from stress, overwork, fatigue, or even the onset of a more serious mental illness.
  2. Youth Specialties –
    Everything you need (almost) for your youth ministry. One of the best resources available. Organizers of the National youth workers convention.
  3. Group Publishing –
    One of the best resources for youth leaders as far as manuals, books, program ideas are concerned. Makers of Group Magazine the World's #1 Youth Ministry Resource! This is one magazine that I look forward to reading.
  4. Angel House Media –
    Videoclips, DVD, media resources. AngelHouse Media, presenting the word in new ways we stimulate faith, charge it up, wake it up, even stretch it. Enjoy!
  5. Sermonspice –
    Videoclips, DVD, media resources for illustrations. Looking for a short video to come along side your sermon? Sermonspice is here to offer you creative and inspiring choices to fit this need. Browse, search, and instantly download any video.
  6. WorshipHouse Media –
    WorshipHouse Media exists to help the Church engage with God through creative media. WorshipHouse Media believes that the Church is called to be in the center of today's culture. With impactful and illustrative services, events, and small groups, you can connect with all generations and create a unique church experience through media.
  7. Interlinc (Youth Leaders Only) –
    Started in 1983 in the Word Records system, interlínc assists youth leaders in getting quality Christian music to their students. Our mission is to link the resources of the Christian music industry with the needs of your ministry.
  8. Igniter Videos –
    Videoclips, DVD, media resources for illustrations. Short videos that ignite, captivate and deepen your experience with God.
  9. Group Magazine & Simply Youth Ministry –
    Probably the most complete idea and resource site on the web designed especially for youth leaders. Includes articles written by experienced youth ministry professionals.

pdfResources List - YPAC 2017