The North American Division Encompasses 9 Unions and 58 conferences in North America.

YPAC events (Youth & Young Adult, Pathfinders, Adventurers, Camp Ministry, Public Campus Ministry) support the ministry, serve, and spirituality of our young people and their leaders throughout North America.

NAD Youth & Young Adult Ministries
Calendar of Events – 2019

Date Event For 
Jan 11-16 Adventist Ministries Conv, Albuquerque, NM  Union Y&YA Directors 
Jan 28 - Feb 1 One Year in Mission University Online Training Participating Union OYiM Teams
Feb 23-27 NAD Youth & Young Adult Advisories, Phoenix, AZ For: AV, PF, MG, YM, YA, PCM
Mar 9 Pre-Global Youth Day Events & Recordings Conf Dir & Staff around the NAD
Mar 16 Global Youth Day & Broadcast Conf Dir & Staff around the NAD
Apr 25-26 CIC Camporee Site Visit & Walk-around, Oshkosh, WI Conference Directors
Apr 26-27 NAD Pathfinder Bible Experience, Rockford, IL Conference Directors & PBE Teams
May 19-26 ACF Institute & PCM Chaplains Conf, UC Berkeley, CA Conf & Union Youth Dir’s
Aug 12-18 Chosen International Camporee, Oshkosh, WI Union & Conf Directors & Clubs
Sep 21 Global Pathfinder Sabbath Union & Conf Directors & Clubs
Oct 18-19 Global Public Campus Ministries Weekend Broadcast PCM Dir’s & ACF Chapters
Dec 4-7 Assoc of Adv Camp Professionals Convention, Leoni Meadows Camp Dir & Staff

NAD Youth & Young Adult Ministries
Calendar of Events – 2020

Date Event For 
Sep 3-5  #OneTeam Playbook NAD Y&YA Leadership Convention NAD Directors, Coordinators, Pastors, Leaders

Pathfinder Bible Experience (annually)