Committee Updates

The NAD Youth Department meetings annually to discuss the business, create or realign priorities and focii, and develop resources, initiatives, and events for the following Ministries:

Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) -- a Ministry to Adventist students on secular college campuses

Adventurers -- an organization of kids age 4 - grade 4 (and their parents) who discover God in a family environment through hands-on nature, crafts, the Bible, and worship activities.

Camp -- There are over 40 Summer Camps and Retreat centers for kids, families, weekend retreats, and outdoor education

Master Guide -- Leadership training for all aspects of Youth ministry

Pathfinders -- a scout-like organization of young people grades 5 - 12 who are led to discover God through camping, honors, investiture achievement, Pathfinder Bible Experience, and other activities

Young Adult Ministries -- church-based ministries, social networks, and events that minister to collegiate to 30-somethings young adults

Youth Ministries -- church-based ministries that provide a social and religous atmosphere for teens

2016 YPAC Committee Minutes

These files are available as printable PDFs. These are the minutes voted by the YPAC Committees. YPAC committees are composed of Youth directors, coordinators, and appointed lay-persons at annual meetings held by the NAD Youth an Young Adult Ministries Department.

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