What Youth and Families Can Do At Home

Steve Case provides some great insight on what families can do while they are confined to their home.


Rewatch the Facebook Live presentation

Games, Ice Breakers or Low-Risk Interactions

These were taken from Come Together, available at AdventSource.
Paperback 160 Pages | For KindleePub file - iBooks and Google Play | PDF file

Lighter activities and interactions (resources from AdventSource)
(Do this with others via Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Live, or other social media)

Additional Activities:

docxSome Scripture Options Activity
Proverb for today
Relational Bible Studies Let’s Talk About Jesus
One-to-One: Interview after reading
On-Stage: Role Play
Flesh out the story (sanctified imagination)

docxSome Prayer Options Activity
Automatic prayers
Borrow (copying and/or editing an existing prayer)
Conversation (join with others on topics or something else)
Dwell (Scripture shapes the conversation)
Engage/Listening (release your ideas and listen for God’s ideas)

docx"Oh Brother" relational Bible Study

docx"Praying Worry Away" relational Bible Study

Center for Youth Evangelism
YouTube channel for camporee programming