This section summarizes the ministries offered by the North American Division Youth Ministries Department.

Prayer and Bible Study

The following ministries in the North American Division Youth Ministries Department have a primary focus on facilitating, training, and encouraging Prayer and Bible Study





PAUSE 2016Pause for Prayer 2016

Pause 5 minutes to pray for

  • children
  • youth
  • unity
  • young adults
  • communities
  • you

Join us on the following dates - February 20, April 9, June 4, September 17.
PAUSE at 11 am wherever you are!
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World Changers Prayer Congress ~ Just Claim It

The Just Claim It (JCI) Prayer Movement is about young people praying and claiming their cities for Christ.  Come and be blessed by the Gethsemane experience, anointed speakers, Bible reading marathon, street ministries, leadership development, spiritual music, Biblically-based drama, exhibits, community outreach parades, recreation, and more -- JCI will change your life forever!  Scheduled every other year.


2Pray JCI Youth2Pray JCI Youth
This is a resource kit for youth ministry leaders to use to create onsite prayer conferences and intentional prayer group experiences.


Pathfinder Bible Experience

Hundreds of our youth and Pathfinders enjoy the challenge of being pushed to the limits with this, game-like "Bible Bowl" ministry.

Resource manuals are available at  For more information visit



Young Adults empowered to worship, pray, lead, and serve.

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Prayer Huddle

We are empowering young people within their local churches to simply meet together after the worship service in their church, and huddle in prayer for themselves, their church, their ministry, their community.  This is a student-led, student-empowered initiative.


Bible Reading Marathon

Just Claim It Prayer Congree attendees can attest to the power of meeting together to read the Bible from cover-to-cover.  Learn "how" at the upcoming Just Claim It Prayer Congress, then return to your local church and empower others to join you in this epic marathon.


Previous Events:

Just Claim It -- Dallas Texas, 2007; Columbus OH, 2010; Greensboro, NC 2012; Miami, FL 2014; Ontario, CA 2016



In North American Division Youth Ministries, equipping in multi-faceted!  Youth and Children's Ministries leaders desire training in their ministries.  In addition Young Adults desire leadership for their varied church and community ministries as well as for leadership for Young Adult ministries.



1-on-1 Orientation


1 on 1One-on-one orientation is offered to newly elected leaders on the conference and union levels. An invitation is extended to come to the SDA World Headquarters for a day. During your visit, we cover all the bases that will help you succeed. Travel expenses are usually shared by the local conference and NADYM.



NAD YPAC Advisories


Let your voice be heard. There is an annual scheduled advisory for all leaders to attend. Although there is an agenda, the meeting is designed to give leaders an opportunity to voice their opinions, observations and concerns. All ministry leaders are members of their specific ministry advisory.

See schedule and download minutes from past advisories




eNewsletter:  'The Update"

The youth ministries “Update” is unique. Get the news from the leaders with a personal touch. Receive the latest information regarding all youth ministries and decisions that impact your ministry.

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Previous editions are also available here.


Ignition Young Adult Ministry Training


Young Adults are often an overlooked powerhouse resource that can help move the church forward.  Ignition is the Minsitry for and by Young Adults in the North American Divison.  Ignition provides resources, training, networking, and support to Young Adult Ministry leaders as well as young adults.




YPAC Leadership Summit

The SUMMIT provides over 16 hours of training with over 150 workshops to choose from and 10 hours of general sessions. Also, leaders have the benefit of attending the NAD YPAC Advisories to get official first-hand information on progress and developments in their particular ministry. Scheduled every other year, usually in association with the World Prayer Congress (JCI).




ReCharge 1-day Training

Recharge 1 Day Not everyone can afford to attend a national leadership convention, so leadership comes to you. This one day intensive will inspire, educate, motivate and Recharge your ministry.



YPAC NAD CommitteesYPAC Committees

The NAD Youth Ministries Office is assisted by official committees voted by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. Each union designates their representative for membership. The following are a list of the Committees assisting the Youth Ministries Office:


  • NAD Youth Committee
  • NAD Pathfinder Committee
  • NAD Adventurer Committee
  • NAD Camp Ministries Committee
  • NAD Master Guide Committee
  • NAD Youth Adult Advisory
  • NAD Adventist Christian Fellowship



Resource Development

Focus teams of successful practitioners and lay-leaders meet regularly to provide the most comprehensive resources for ministry.  If you would like to become a volunteer researcher or focus-team participant, please contact us for details.



NAD Youth Ministries Best Practices



Festival of the Laity

Each quinquinium this event brings together leaders from around North America.  The Youth & Young Adult Ministry track of seminars equips leaders for ministry service in their local church, club, and community.



Future Initiatives:

Leadership Retreat

Union and Division youth and young adult leadership and coordinators are invited to an upcoming retreat hosted by the North American Division.





ReclamationMany young people are not currently attending events or services within churches in the North American Division.  These ministries are to assist local leadership in reclaiming young people for the kingdom.




Mission Lifeguard

There is a way to rescue and retain forgotten Youth and Young Adults. The Mission Lifeguard Training Kit shows you how and provides everything you need. Jesus says “I came that they might have life…” John 10:10.



Adventist Youth

Adventist Youth TV!While currently simply a channel on YouTube, this ministry is poised to grow to include video and audio programming specifically for Adventist Youth.   Subscribe to be alerted for events promos for such events as Just Claim It and Mission Lifeguard.



Future Initiatives:

Adventist Youth TV

Adventist Youth TV!Tune in for the latest in news, programs, events, forum, and live stream viewing.  Share your ministry with a world-wide audience.  Let us sream your future event.  All you need is a video camera, proper lighting and an internet connection.




RecycledThis is a ministry that is specific to the untold testimonies about how God has delivered someone from the pits of hell.  Their past is no longer their future.  Witness the power of God via "RECYCLED" on Adventist Youth TV.

Ministry in Action

Ministry in ActionMinistry in Action events and initiatives encourage youth & young adults across North America to involve themselves in active ministry to their church and community.  Often youth feel dis-empowered in evangelism and ministry.  The tools provided by the NAD encourage youth and young adults to create ministries, lead proclamation evangelism, and encounter mission causes stateside and abroad.



Master Guides

A Master Guide is considered the elite in ministry. MG are trained and equipped to meet the critical needs in churches, schools and the community. They are always willing and ready to serve.



Project Youth EvangelismProclamation Youth Evangelism

Matching funds are available to churches who encourage and support their youth to do public evangelism. Hundreds of churches have participated and hundreds have been baptized. Funds are limited, apply today.



Youth (doing) Ministry FormulaThe Youth (doing) Ministry Formula

Unprecedented Results! Turn your youth’s interests into ministries and see the YM2 formula double portion WOW factor in action. Workbooks available.




Just Make Over (Homes)

This initiative is connected with our national youth prayer conference.  We reach out to the needy and bring joy into their lives by touching up their home. Thanks to the efforts of Adventist Youth and Young Adults, 12 homes have been impacted by this ministry.




SDA Camps & Conference Retreat Centers

AACPThe SDA Church is blessed to own and operate over 65 camps and conference retreat centers. Each facility is available to meet the needs of your local church or community. Whether it is a retreat, reunion, or summer camp, we are willing and ready to serve. Our training and support organization is called the Association of Adventist Camp Professional (AACP).



Distinguished Youth Awards

The NAD Distinguished Youth Award was created as a representation award to honor youth who have distinguished themselves in the area of Youth Evangelism, Pathfinder Ministries, Community Outreach, Academics and Leadership. This award is given every other year during the national youth leadership summit or Just Claim It Conference. 



Subsidized Mission Tours

Follow the Leaders! Pastors James Black and Manny Cruz have been leading Pathfinders and youth groups around the world for years. An invitation is extended to leaders who would like to travel with them as mentees as they serve the North American Division territory and around the world. See their travel itinerary (found in the monthly eNews) for future opportunities.



Public School MinistryPublic School Ministry

For various reasons, the majority of Adventist students attend public schools. Nonetheless, thousands are making a tremendous impact for Jesus. For more information on how to start an Adventist Christian Fellowship ministry or register your group as an ACF chapter visit


Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

The NAD director, associate, and ministry coordinators are available to speak at your next event. Travel expenses are already paid in order to serve you. Travel budgets are limited so contact us now for early booking. Priority is given to area, conference, and union events.




ShepherdingThe Adventist Church is blessed with a large population of vibrant, active, involved, and energetic young people.  These ministries focus on the functions of caring for and providing spiritual training for young people.





Adventurers Eager Beaver Little Lambs

Adventurers/Little Lamb/Eager Beaver

Little Lamb – a family based ministry to children pre-K – age 4

Eager Beaver–family based ministry to children in kindergarten - age 5

Adventurers – a family based ministry to children in grades 1-4




Pathfinder OrganizationA worldwide organization sponsored by the SDA Church primarily for junior youth in grades 5-10.



CLYP (Certified Lay Youth Pastor)

Most churches will never have a youth pastor. However, CLYP provides practical training that will draw youth to your church. Our goal is to equip every church with a thoroughly trained youth leader.

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