The North American Division Encompasses 9 Unions and 58 conferences in North America.

YPAC events (Youth & Young Adult, Pathfinders, Adventurers, Camp Ministry, Public Campus Ministry) support the ministry, serve, and spirituality of our young people and their leaders throughout North America.

At the Division level, World Prayer Congresses, SUMMIT Youth Leadership Training, Ignition (Young Adults), and Camporees provide our diverse population with opportunities to worship, learn, create, pray, and share.


2018 Youth/Young Adult Advisories Ministries
February 24-27, 2018
Southern Union Conference Headquarters
302 Research Drive
Norcross, GA 30092

Registration is required. Planning information for the North American Division Youth & Young Adult Ministries Advisories 2018

Pathfinder Bible Experience (annually)

Just Claim It
JCI 6 in Toronto Canada that was scheduled for March 2018 has been postponed. As soon as something is scheduled we will post it on this website.