Meet Our Team

 NAD Youth and Young Adult Ministries Team for Pathfinder, Adventurer, Camp, Youth, Young Adult Life, Public Campus, and other support ministries



Debra Brill person icon Armando Miranda Jr.
Debra Brill
VP for Ministries
Armando Miranda
Associate Director
Adventurers, Pathfinders
Ambassadors, Master Guide

 Tracy Wood angelina wood 2017 
Tracy Wood
Associate Director
Young Adults
Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF)
Teen Leadership Training (TLT)
Gael Murray
Admin Assistant
Angelina Cameron-Wood
Volunteer Safety Consultant


 person icon    
Lisa and Brad Gary
Volunteer Coordinator for
Adventurer Ministries


Bill Wood Camp Ministries Coordinator    
 Bill Wood
Camp Ministries Coordinator





Glen Milam
Volunteer Coordinate for Pathfinder Ministries

Young Adults


Ron Pickell
Volunteer Coordinator for
(ACF)Adventist Christian Fellowship.
Public Campus Ministries