Preparing for International Camporee 2019

This year, Pathfinder clubs from across the NAD and around the world will be traveling to Oshkosh, WI for the Chosen International Camporee. This event represents a significant ministry opportunity that should not be diminished by loss, injury or harm. It is the responsibility of ministry leaders to anticipate risks or emergencies that may cause interruptions to make sure trip attendees are focused on the task at hand. Pathfinder leaders need to be equipped with the knowledge and resources to plan and lead their clubs effectively in both the travel to and from, as well as logistics on-site at the camporee.

Clubs face many risk management issues such as child protection, supervision, transportation, activity planning, and more that can be challenging to control as leaders change over time. Educating our leadership teams with up-to-date guidelines and practices in a way that will equip them to meet these risks should be a priority.

Getting to the Camporee, by Adventist Risk Management, Inc. (Webinar)
Join ARM’s chief client care officer, David Fournier to discuss the safety issues you need to be aware of as you plan your travel for the 2019 Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee. Pathfinder leaders, pastors, and youth leaders are highly encouraged to watch and share.



Your Trip Planning Guide

There are a few essential elements to include as you plan:

  1. Pre-trip preparation
  2. Documentation
  3. Supervision
  4. Appropriate Coverage (Travel/Accident Insurance)
  5. Emergency Planning

Each of these elements will provide you with crucial information necessary to create a safe environment for all those attending the trip—including your young people.

Pre-Trip Preparation

A few important items need to be arranged before the trip. First, schedule an orientation date for the participants, and include parents of minors. The orientation meeting should cover the complete itinerary, essentials to pack, including examples of appropriate attire for the work or activities that will take place during the trip, emergency contact phone numbers, and any vaccinations or medications volunteers will need before departure, take time to review what to do in the event of an emergency, and who to contact.

Assemble a file with all the necessary documentation for the trip. Items to include should be:

Supervision – Around the Clock While Traveling and Onsite

For trips with young people and minors, supervision is an essential element of minimizing risk and preventing accidents. Plan for a enough staff and chaperones based on the number of minors who will be attending. Before the orientation meeting, each staff member must:

  • Pass a background check and abuse awareness training.
  • Additionally, several staff members must be trained in CPR, basic first aid, and concussion identification.

3 Skills Every Youth Leader Should Master

Based on the types of activities that will occur on the trip, schedule time to train all staff for each area of work. This equips your team to provide the assistance required if a trip attendee needs help. For more information on supervision, see pdfARM’s Supervision Guidelines

Travel / Accident Insurance

Your next step should be to acquire the correct coverage type for your trip. Contact your local conference for more information on obtaining the coverage you need. This travel insurance should not be just an option, each conference needs to make sure that their PF clubs acquire this insurance. The travel insurance policy is specifically designed to cover travel and activities for the Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee.

Obtain Accident Insurance for all those attending the camporee.
Beginning early 2019, ARM will again offer a comprehensive coverage plan available for purchase through the ARM website. For U.S.–based clubs, the cost is USD $4.71 per individual plus a $20 application fee. Multiple individuals can be included on one application.

For more information or to acquire this insurance visit the following link:

Trips & Transportation, Drivers, Vehicles, and more...

  • 15-Passenger Van Use – (NAD Policy Update S 60 31 (GC S 60 30-3) Vehicle Insurance)
    In the interest of safety, denominational organizations shall not purchase, lease, rent, or use 15-passenger vans for sponsored activities under any circumstances. Alternatives to 15-passenter vans include” minivans and SUVs, mini-school buses, 15-passenger buses with dual rear wheels.
  • 15-Passenger Vans: What is the Danger?
  • 15-Passenger Vans: The Risks and the Alternatives

Prepare and Have Fun!

The hope is to be able to enjoy the trip without any accidents or emergencies occurring. But if an incident does happen, it is better to be prepared with everything on hand than to wish you had planned in advance. Through equipping, training, and planning, your team and trip attendees will be able to enjoy the journey without worry.

This information was provided by Adventist Risk Management and the NAD Youth Ministries Department