Youth Ministry and Evangelism

  1. General Conference Youth Dept.
    Find a list of sermons, ministries, and global youth events for the General Conference’s youth ministries department. New features include devotionals, blogs, and online newsletters.
  2. North American Division Youth Ministries –
    This newly updated website features a calendar, pictures, and features of youth and events in the North American Division. Sermons, podcasts, a social network and relevant links can also be found here.
  3. Center for Youth Evangelism –
    Based at Andrews University in Michigan, the Center for Youth Evangelism is an extensive youth ministry network offering a variety of evangelism opportunities for young people.
  4. Involve Youth Ministries – Insight magazine’s Steve Case spearheads this organization geared at engaging and involving young people in ministry. This site offers excellent program ideas (free), materials for sale, mission trip links, training workshop information, and news posting of upcoming events.
  5. The Pastor’s DVD Volume 15 – This DVD is complete with videos, documentaries, ideas, examples, testimonials, and a wide array of resources for Young Adult Ministry. It contains too much material to list. It was a combined effort by the NAD Church Resource Center, Vervent, and the NAD Young Adult Ministry Dept.