Other Christian Resources

  1. Youth Specialties – www.youthspecialties.com
    Everything you need (almost) for your youth ministry. One of the best resources available. Organizers of the National youth workers convention.
  2. Group Publishing – www.grouppublishing.com
    One of the best resources for youth leaders as far as manuals, books, program ideas are concerned. Makers of Group Magazine the World's #1 Youth Ministry Resource! This is one magazine that I look forward to reading.
  3. Angel House Media - www.angelhousemedia.com
    Videoclips, DVD, media resources. AngelHouse Media, presenting the word in new ways we stimulate faith, charge it up, wake it up, even stretch it. Enjoy!
  4. Sermonspice - www.sermonspice.com
    Videoclips, DVD, media resources for illustrations. Looking for a short video to come along side your sermon? Sermonspice is here to offer you creative and inspiring choices to fit this need. Browse, search, and instantly download any video. Try our FREE video with no obligation
  5. Visual Reality Online - www.visualrealityonline.com
    Videoclips, DVD, media resources for illustrations. Visual Reality was started by a youth minister of 9 years who realized the power of Christ-centered positive media.
  6. Interlinc (Youth Leaders Only) - http://interlinc-online.com
    Started in 1983 in the Word Records system, interlínc assists youth leaders in getting quality Christian music to their students. Our mission is to link the resources of the Christian music industry with the needs of your ministry.
  7. Igniter Videos - www.simplyyouthministry.com
    Videoclips, DVD, media resources for illustrations. Short videos that ignite, captivate and deepen your experience with God.
  8. Group Magazine & Simply Youth Ministry - www.youthministry.com
    Probably the most complete idea and resource site on the web designed especially for youth leaders. Includes articles written by experienced youth ministry professionals. One of my favorites.