Bible Studies

  1. Creative Bible Lessons From the Life of Christ - - These 12 ready to use, lively lessons make scripture digging a lot of fun. Learning games, art projects, thoughtful worksheets, hilarious handouts, and challenging simulations and scenarios with skits and role-plays make this a great resource for Children's Ministries or for junior or youth groups.

  2. Walking on the Edge - - Thirteen interactive Bible studies for Adventist students in public high school.

  3. It's My Choice - - Age-appropriate baptismal class presentations for juniors, Ten studies to help kids understand the 27 fundamental beliefs and the 13 baptismal vows of their church, Special sections to help teachers understand the way kids think, Ideas for unforgettable baptismal services.

  4. AdventSource – AdventSource is a comprehensive Seventh-day Adventist resource site. Find books, CDs, ministry supplements, and apparel here. AdventSource is also available to provide multimedia coverage for conventions, seminars, and other events.

  5. Adventist Book The Adventist Book Center is a one stop shopping center for Seventh-day Adventist books, magazines, and CDs, and teaching resources. Find online discounts here and clear, informative descriptions of the books you want before you buy.

  6. ChristWise Discipleship - - This discipleship curriculum shows juniors, teens, and youth how to be Christ's disciples and how to disciple others. Fitzgerald has put together a carefully thought out, field-tested method of working with young people. Lessons accommodate the stages of emotional, mental, and spiritual development of that age group. Each 128-page book includes 22 doctrinal lessons. The leader's guide (336 pages) includes information for all three age groups.