ShepherdingThe Adventist Church is blessed with a large population of vibrant, active, involved, and energetic young people.  These ministries focus on the functions of caring for and providing spiritual training for young people.





Adventurers Eager Beaver Little Lambs

Adventurers/Little Lamb/Eager Beaver

Little Lamb – a family based ministry to children pre-K – age 4

Eager Beaver–family based ministry to children in kindergarten - age 5

Adventurers – a family based ministry to children in grades 1-4




Pathfinder OrganizationA worldwide organization sponsored by the SDA Church primarily for junior youth in grades 5-10.



CLYP (Certified Lay Youth Pastor)

Most churches will never have a youth pastor. However, CLYP provides practical training that will draw youth to your church. Our goal is to equip every church with a thoroughly trained youth leader.

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