Young Adult Life Initiative

On Sunday November 3, the North American Division Retention of Young Adults Building Block better known as Young Adult LIFE, was presented by Focus Group Members Benjamin Lundquist and Marquis Johns. They were introduced by Debra Brill, NAD Vice President and the presentation began with the six "Initiatives/Ideas" that the Young Adult Focus Group developed: We Are Ready to Listen, Small Group Communities, iCreate, Why Am I An Adventist?, The Locals and Mentoring/Campus Ministry. Benjamin mentioned the NAD Camp Ministry study and how Adventist Camp Ministry is one of the best ways to retain young adults in the church. The presentation also included a report from Clint Jenkins, PhD Vice President for Research for The Barna Group on the SDA Millennials Study. The NAD Year End Meeting delegates listened intently as Dr Jenkins shared the attitudes of SDA Young Adults (ages 18-29) towards the SDA Church, Doctrines, Lifestyles and Practices. He also shared stories of several SDA Young Adults and how their intergenerational relationships in the church had affected them in both positive and negative ways. He concluded by reminding the attendees that intergenerational relationships, especially mentoring type relationships between older members and young adults are crucial in the spiritual development of SDA Millennials and ultimately in their decision to stay or walk away from the church.


Barna Report Powerpoint | Barna Report Summary (PDF) | Handout/summary (PDF)

Our Response:

Presentation | Young Adult Ignition website

God's Protection

God's ProtectionThis story happened last year, when there was snow on the ground and the roads were slippery. My parents own their own store, and ever since I got my driver’s license, they have sent me on errands so they can stay and watch the store.

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Small Seed Big Tree

My name is David Bermejo. I am the director of the Orlando Spanish Adventurer Club in Orlando, Florida. I would like to share with you a story that is not only inspiring and encouraging, but a first-hand example of the great things ministry work does for our

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There were jocks, nerds, geeks, stoners, and bookworms. I could probably fill a page with the names we called various kids when I went to school—and that was 25 years ago!  As crazy as it sounds to me today, we labeled other people based on what they looked like,

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Father Knows Best

“When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.” Mark Twain

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The Buried Violin

As a missionary kid in Bangkok, I took violin lessons for several years. Unfortunately, none of those sweaty Friday afternoons with Briquette Barrois took hold. I am not now, and I never have been, a very good violinist. In fact, I kind of stink.

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Guarding the Crumbs

Guarding the CrumbsMolly is a rather self-serving type of dog. We love her dearly, but she is selfish nonetheless. Especially with food.

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TOO Much Fun!

It was five o’clock on a Monday morning and well below freezing. I was fifteen and on my way to the high school gym to lift weights and run before school started. It was wrestling season and the leaner and meaner you were,

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Wearing His Faith

Wearing His FaithNate Bozarth wears his faith in his sleeve. And on his back. And across his chest. With his collection of 10 T-shirts with Christian messages on them, 15-year-old Nate could wear a different T-shirt to school every day for two weeks. And most days he does wear one.

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Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stonesWhen Emily came to school this morning she was greeted with a barrage of derogatory names. Why? The night before she had gone to a party with a boy one of the name-callers had a crush on.

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