Music and Media Resources

  1. One Year Audio Bible - - Great resource for personal devotion, bible study, small group study, etc. It is a Bible narration by Tom Dooley using the New Living Translation. The entire Bible narration is available for purchase or you can use the FREE RESOURCE which is a daily Bible reading.
  2. AdventSource –www.adventsource.orgAdventSource is a comprehensive Seventh-day Adventist resource site. Find books, CDs, ministry supplements, and apparel here. AdventSource is also available to provide multimedia coverage for conventions, seminars, and other events.
  3. Adventist Music Gateway – Adventist Music Gateway is a partial database and profile source of Adventist recording artists. Biographies, sample clips, and contact information is provided.
  4. Sonscreen Film Festival – SONscreen was created by the North American Division (NAD) of Seventh-day Adventists to nurture Christian filmmakers in their craft, career development, and spiritual lives. Find related news, blogs, and entry applications on this site.
  5. Hymns and Favorites - Walla Walla College radio station.
  6. WGTS 91.9 - - DC Metro Radio station / streaming station hosted by Washington Adventist University.
  7. Angel House Media - - Non-Adventist Site - Recording artist Rebecca St. James is the host and face for this online ministry resource - Videoclips, DVD, media resources. AngelHouse Media, presenting the word in new ways we stimulate faith, charge it up, wake it up, even stretch it. Enjoy!
  8. Sermonspice - - Non-Adventist Site - Videoclips, DVD, media resources for illustrations. Looking for a short video to come along side your sermon? Sermonspice is here to offer you creative and inspiring choices to fit this need. Browse, search, and instantly download any video. Try our FREE video with no obligation
  9. Visual Reality Online - - Non-Adventist Site - Videoclips, DVD, media resources for illustrations. Visual Reality was started by a youth minister of 9 years who realized the power of Christ-centered positive media.
  10. Interlinc (Youth Leaders Only) - - Non-Adventist Site - Started in 1983 in the Word Records system, interlínc assists youth leaders in getting quality Christian music to their students. Our mission is to link the resources of the Christian music industry with the needs of your ministry.
  11. Igniter Videos - - Non-Adventist Site - Videoclips, DVD, media resources for illustrations. Short videos that ignite, captivate and deepen your experience with God.
  12. Faith Visuals - -  Non-Adventist Site - We're an online resource for preachers, teachers, and production teams. Here you'll find hundreds of high-quality videos, PowerPoints, and still images that can be used in sermons and projected during worship services, or incorporate them into your lessons, classes, and discussions.


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