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SummaryLGBT Summit

Our 2015 Summit will provide an opportunity for Union and Conference Youth Directors and others who work with young people to focus on how they can minister to all the youth in their churches and communities. The goal of the summit is to equip youth leaders with practical skills for authentically engaging with teens who identify as LBGT or are questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity. Participants will explore questions faced by today's youth leaders, put their new-found knowledge into use by engaging in active learning, and formulate an action plan for going forward.



- Session 1 – "How to Talk About It"
- Session 2 - "In God's Image"
- Session 3 - "How to See and Hear"
- Session 4 – Panel – Q & A
- Session 5- "The Cost of Inaction"
- Session 6 - "Summary and Going Forward"
- Session 7 - "The Challenge

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2015 YM Summit Registration


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Enews "The Update" January/February 2015

Table of Contents
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Youth & Young Adult
Living It High School Ministry

God's Grace and Mercy is Bringing Me Through!

During 2014, I was sometimes not sure if I was going to make it. In fact, I had to cancel my autumn speaking schedule, spent more time in doctors' offices than I care to remember, and feared that my MDS would develop significant life-altering complications.


Needless to say, I was thankful to be in church the first Sabbath of this new year. A lot was running through my mind as I thought about the challenges and blessings of 2014 and where God will take us in 2015. I tried to focus on the awesome worship experience, but truthfully, it was difficult. Then it happened. The praise team sang the song "Your Grace and Mercy Brought Me Through".


At that point, everything cleared up and I saw the God whose Grace and Mercy brought us all through 2014. None of us should be here today but God's grace and mercy brought us through. Many people died or suffered tragedy in 2014, but God brought you and me through. The full chorus of the song says:


"Your grace and mercy, brought me through
I'm living this moment because of You
I want to thank You, and praise You too
Your grace and mercy, brought me through"


During this past year, God has brought me through. As many of you experience, I had to cancel my fall schedule last year because of the instability of my Myelodyplastic Syndrome (MDS). In addition, in preparation for a new clinical trial that I qualified for -- because of my MDS -- I was taken off my medication for 3 months and had seven blood transfusions at the National Institute of Health. Before the clinical trial could begin I also had to have a painful bone marrow biopsy.

Read more: Enews "The Update" January/February 2015


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